Sunday, 11 September 2016

Goodbye to Summer

Hello my lovely followers , how are we today.
Well what a busy two weeks I have had and the rest of  this month will be busy and so will October.
So this will only be a short post I am really just popping in to say hi and thank you for the lovely comments  from last time .
I have been grabbing a few moments to stitch when I fall into my chair at the end of the day .
So no finishing to show only an autumn stitch and the WIP I stitched on last week .
I am also stitching a few more small giveaways to give out through out the year  to my dear followers I will let you know soon who won the last time .

The last few days are feeling more like Autumn so it's goodbye to Summer and hello to Autumn.
We have been taking lots of plants out ready for bulbing next month , and it will be time to pack the furniture away into the summer house soon.

We did take time to have lunch out one day and you could see the trees are turning colour and on the way the leaves are just falling .
So what better than to show you a little Autumn stitch still need to find someway to finish it yet .

Part of the " Autumn in Quit " design by Cuore Batticuore .  I am looking forward to finishing this one soon , I have to find the right materials first.

I stitched a little on one of my WIPs growing slowly.

"Au coeur du Jarden " de Passion Bonheur.

I have a new GGS arriving in October , I am knitting a blanket but It will be Christmas before I have it finished , so I brought a little pram blanket almost the same colours that I am knitting in.
They live a walking distant from the beach and the seaside so had to buy this one.

I spotted Peter rabbit on a market stall when we were out one day , well he needed a new home ! 

  The garden will be sleeping soon so lets just pop out and see whats out today.

Lots of Autumn colours at the moment but wait under the arch I see roses.

Ha this is a late second flush .
Well that's it from me this week . I will be watching the football later this afternoon my faviorite team Chelsea are playing and maybe some stitching .
But before lunch I need to do some sorting out upstairs .
Have a lovely Sunday everyone. 

Monday, 29 August 2016


Hello my friends from far and near .
Hope you had a good week , we did ,  we had some time with our family this last week and it was wonderful to see how the GGC are growing up .
 They grow up so fast today .

Yesterday we were at the motor show and we got so wet but it was so much fun.
Now today is beautiful warm and sunny !

Today I will show you what I stitched last week and yes some late summer photos of the garden and the WIP I worked on last week.
So first up my WIP .

 And here is how it looks now.
The designer is the lovely Maryse.

Now here is a giveaway with a twist anyone that left me a comment on my ---last post--- yes that's right on the last post. 

Will have a chance of winning the next two giveaways .
Now I will be doing this at  different times of the year ,  giving out lots of small gifts to say thank you if you want to win don't miss out next time.

I just want to give out to my blogger friends who week after week are always here for me.

You don't even need to have a blog .
I will pull the names out after I have posted this blog and if I don't have your address I will email you back.

But if I do have your address I will just post to you and let everyone know the winners once you receive your gifts .
Like I said I will be doing this lots of times in the next 12 months.
So if you are not in it you won't win it .

So here is the first giveaway .

I have put in real lavender in to the bag from this years garden .
Smells wonderful.
   And my 2nd giveaway the chart to enjoy and stitch.
      It was a freebie from a magazine and was lovely to stitch .

   So now if you want to take my hand we will wonder into the late summer garden.


 Thank you to all who left me comments, I know allot of you come over to look , but I would love to hear your thoughts and get to know you better .
   Have a great new week , it is still the weekend here because of a bank holiday .

Sunday, 21 August 2016


Hello friends , here we are again another weekend .
It has been a stormy weekend , the winds have been a little unkind to the garden , but we will soon put things right again.

Well after two lovely relaxing weeks watching Rio , reading, sitting watching nature , and stitching I feel like a new person. 
Must do this more often ha.

I have been stitching gifts so can't show you just yet .
Also I am working on a Autumn stitch and a Christmas stitch will show you in the next few weeks .

I have been catching up with my WIPs and my SAL this last week.
So first up is a bit more on my lovely design that I won from Mii

 Garden lasses 'Lucy' by Lesley Teare , love this one so bright and full of colour.
I will be working on many WIPS this coming Autumn and Winter  so watch this space , with my smalls .

 Next my SAL with Ele , I am loving this one so is the club.

I am going to use this one to cover a box with my sewing bits.

Thank you to my stitching sister Lynda for the lovely magazine .
Now the other day look what the postman brought me.
 A gift Barb had been working on for my Birthday .
Well Barb you brought tears to my eyes such a beautiful gift.

A needlework book , so much work and detail went into this gift . Look at the wee bird singing and the bird sitting on the nest , the matching card .

So many little buttons all down the side lots of birds and heart ones.

 Now we open up and it blew me away and tears again.

A pocket with scissors .
Beautifully crossed stitched . Barb & June.
My garden and butterfies and flowers.

Lots of goodies in the pocket tape measure and pen and another stitchery .
How sweet is this.

Butterfly pins !

                                 Butterfly needle minder .

And in another pocket a lovely chart and pad 

Thank you Barb for such a wonderful gift .
And for spending your time on me when your year has not been to good . You are so thoughtful .
                            Some garden photos .

               And the flower arrangement my DH left me one day
             he had picked the flowers from outside how sweet.

Thank you once again to everyone who left me a comment last week , you are just wonderful friends .
Wishing each and everyone of you a wonderful week.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Relaxing week .

Hi everyone , 
What a lovely week we have had , sun is back out and gets a little hot in the afternoon , so I have been stitching and watching the Rio games really enjoying them this year .

So after a few busy weeks I have had a relaxing week and feel good for it , and must say needed it.

But I still do my gardening everyday and a few jobs in the house but try and get them done before lunch.
I am also spending time in the craft room oh dear it was and still is in a mess but I am in there for an hour each day , sorting my charts into boxes of Spring, Summer , Autumn and Winter , also Baby / children , Weddings /Anniversary's .
I am marking my box's up so I know where to go when I need the right chart , much better for me . 
I also love looking at my charts does anyone else out there love to take a day just looking at them I see so many I want to stitch .
I also have a big box of charts already kitted up love this because I always have one new one ready to start ,when I feel like I need a change .

Thank you again for your lovely comments you are just the sweetest friends.

Ok lets see what I have to show you this week .

First up a gift for a sweet friend who loves my stitching so I thought  I would make her a cake ha.

                               Added a few bits to make it sparkle.

This is from the birthday cake charts  from Brooke's Books 
this one was a September one but here in the UK sunflowers are more for August , so I just left the S off , but really thinking about it my friends name starts with a S  ! silly me.

Stitched on a pale blue evenweave 28ct
and dmc threads .

And now for a new start to add to my WIPs , ok I know I have so many WIPs on the go but it makes me feel good and thats what counts.

       Here is the chart of the kit , it is by Vervaco , what do you think pretty or what , I fell in love with this one.

This is so me so I just had to start this one and will rotate with the rest of my WIPs each week.
So here is this weeks stitching  so far .

And last week forgot to show you my felt ornament I put into the show , I think I got third or second not sure now.
( must be getting old ha ) 


         This was a change from cross stitch , I do like felt work so watch this space . So cute and soft  .

I cut some sweet peas yesterday , they have not been so good this year but I did get a few to pick.

Ok are you still with me it's garden time.

 First look at the tomatoes .

We are getting plenty of tomatoes this year they are so yummy.

 And now my other love my garden spend most of my life working and and sitting here. Watching butterfies dancing together and the birds bathing in the water. What could be better than this.

Well a couple more jobs for me to do then I am back into the craft room . DH is a judge today at a car show . So I have all day to do what I want to.
And this afternoon stitching and Rio .
Have a lovely week all , hugs and xxx.