Saturday, 22 April 2017


 Hello friends ,
Well last weekend went by so quick ! 
I never got to put a blog on.
Hope you all had a wonderful Easter .
We had a lovely one , our daughter came over for dinner and a friend popped in , we spend time in the garden and I did get some stitching time . 
After a very busy week we have another busy week coming up too so it was nice to have a few days rest.
I never had the time to put many Easter decorations out this year , just a couple of Peter Rabbits .
I did manage to stitch a couple of ornaments one I have finished and one I will show you next time.
And yes we have roses in April this is a first for us , must be 6-8 weeks early this year .
I try and get out into the garden each day and love growing all different plants , and taking cuttings to start new plants .
I love to watch the birds and this is where I wast time I could sit for hours watching them .
So I will start with my ornament.

Decorative delights, by Maria Diaz.

                          Using 28ct and DMC threads .

                           Before my WIP looked like this.

And after.

Not allot of stitching this time 
Just to busy .
This week I had some lovely gifts from my dear friends

From my beautiful friend Titty from Italy 
Look at the pretty way she wraps these pretty gifts.

And here are the lovely gifts with a beautiful stitched bag .
Thank you Titty for your kindness . 

And from the lovely Nathalie from France

Thank you so much Nathalie
I will take a photo of the hanging rabbits next time,
They are hanging on 
the side of my summer house

And yesterday more gifts from my sweet and lovely friend Karen from the US.

Lots of wonderful goodies 

Thank you Karen such a sweet package.
And here is my first rose in April this is a first for me and now we have lots of them coming out.

 Thank you for the lovely comments , and hope you all have a beautiful weekend.

Sunday, 9 April 2017


Hello friends ,
Well this weekend as been hot , not like spring more like mid summer , I love it and we have been out most of the weekend or in the garden .
Not allot of stitching today that's the only downside of a hot day , you just don't want to miss the sun , we don't get it very often. 

First thank you again for the lovely comments I do love to read everyone of them .

Ok first up is a lovely little book mark I made I used a free chart .
Stitched on perforated paper and backed with felt.

I cut the paper so I could slide the ribbon through.
                                           Last time.
And now .
The time for myself by Soda stitch. 

Just a short walk into the garden .
Then I must rush and get the tea on.
No time for busy old me.

And I did tell you I may have a rose out in April now this is a first for me .
I have so many buds waiting to open but this looks like the first one.
Looks like it will be pink or will the red ones rush to be first .
Watch this space .
Have a lovely week all see you soon.

Saturday, 1 April 2017


Hello again dear friends , 
and here we are again , well this week flew by .
So much to do and very little time ! 
Well now it is April and it is shower time but the garden loves it.
I have had sometime to stitch but wish it could be more , but this time of the year is so busy.
So here we go with some stitching , first up a lovely pin cushion .

This is one is a lovely one of Dany's charts .
And you can see the lovely material I used on the backing.

 28 ct evenweave with Var threads.

Last time .

This time.

I will keep you in suspense a little longer.
To the designer and name of the chart.
Last week was mothers day and my daughter came and painted my nails again and wished me a Happy Mothers day .
Thank you sweetie .
Beautiful card and yummy candy .

 Ok I know its wet but take my hand and step into the garden there is so much going on out there.

            I have spotted many rose buds this week I wonder if we will get roses in April this year it will be a first for us , and I have a feeling we may .

Thank you all for the lovely comments , I hope you all have a lovely week and the sun comes out for you.
This week we had coffee out side and I am happy to say most of our bird boxes are full with all kinds of birds .
The little wren and the robin join us most days and the black bird sings all day , what could be better. 
Happy Stitching all.

Saturday, 25 March 2017


Thank you dear friends for all your lovely comments and hello to my new followers hope you all enjoy my little space , you are always  so welcome .
I love to share my stitching and crafts with you and my other hobby my garden.
The garden is bursting into life buds are forming and you can almost see the flowers opening  in front of you I can now see bluebells , forget -me -not and lots of my favourite flowers forming ready to visit me again, oh how I do love Spring .
You are not going to believe this but I have rose buds forming ! 
Tonight our clocks go forward so it will stay lighter at night time and, tomorrow here in the UK it's mothers day so my header is dedicated to my mother this week.
So lets get on with my stitching bits.
First up is a little gift I sent to my sweet friend Ann , she loves it and it is hanging on her dresser , Happy Birthday my friend.

Shepherds Bush --- Come Home -- stitched on 28ct and var threads.

             And I finished this one for my friend Sally 

 I showed it a few weeks ago on my blog if you want to go back and see information.
I told you that I started a new WIP here is a little peep.
I will show more next time and tell you all about it.
I fell in love with this one the moment I saw it.

I cut a few flowers today and put them in my mothers favourite cup, the forget-me-not cup 
I hope she will be looking down and I will light a candle for her tomorrow.

Take my hand and lets go outside to see the spring delights.

                           And below the first rose bud I found about eight of them .
                       So I wonder are we going to have roses in April !

Well that's about it , I am almost better now .
Just the odd day I feel very tired ,but happy to say I am doing more. Have a good week all .